Learn MINDFULNESS in one day


MINDFULNESS - Western Yoga Meditation

This is a fundamental, practical course, where you can learn how to be MINDFUL, to be in the NOW, to learn meditation the way it is acceptable and practical in the Western world, for people who have grown up in a Western culture.
50 years of world-wide experience proves the effectiveness of the Silva Method's relaxation technique.
The course is fundamental for your life as well as for most of our mind-development courses.
You are going to learn meditating during this course, going through 5 guided meditation techniques, over 2 hours in Alpha or Theta.
See the training calendar of our Silva Mindfulness courses on our website.

 During the workshop we will have deep, guided relaxation sessions


    Course Syllabus
  • Review of Meditation/Relaxation types
  • Mindfulness - Physiological & mental benefits
  • Mindfulness - Western Yoga Meditation
  • Stress management
  • Positive Thinking - The secret behind The Secret
  • Mental House-cleaning
  • 30-day mindfulness plan


    Logistics - one day workshop
  • Length: 8 hours
  • Doors open: 30 minutes before start
  • Hours: 9:30am to 5:30pm
  • Welcome tea/coffee/biscuits
  • Water provided throughout the workshop
  • There will be several breaks, including a longer for lunch (not provided)
  • Meals: n/a
  • Workshop Dates/Details: Workshop Calendar

Study pre-requisite: No pre-requisite
(People with a history of fainting or any condition of mental disorder can attend the course with their doctor's written consent only).

Age limit: Expecting people from 15 and above

REPEATERS: Silva ID-Card holders and people who completed this course are welcome and qualify for a repeater ticket.

ON COMPLETION of this Module you are entitled to repeat this course for a lower, REPEATER fee.