Respected people recommending the Silva Method

Award-winning specialist endorses The Silva Method

One of the earliest workshops I took was the Silva Mind Control Course… The most important technique I learned in that course was the basic technique of creative visualization… Our rational mind is like a computer… The intuitive mind, on the other hand, seems to give access to an infinite supply of information. It appears to be able to tap into a deep storehouse of knowledge and wisdom…

Shakti Gawain, Author of numerous books, including Creative Visualization


Award-winning specialist endorses The Silva Method

Dr. O. Carl Simonton, founder of the Simonton Research Institute, award winning specialist and pioneer in imagery therapy for patients said:

“You see, I began with the idea that a patient’s attitude played a role in his response to any form of treatment and this could influence the course of his disease, I found the (Silva) Mind Control concepts gave me a tool to use in teaching the patient how to begin the interaction and become involved with his own health process.” He also said The Silva Method is one of… the most powerful single tools that I have to offer the patient.

~ Dr. O. Carl Simonton, founder of the Simonton Research Institute


“Reduces physical and psychological stress and boosts immune functioning”

In 2010, Mark Robert Waldman, the world-famous brain researcher and bestselling author of How God Changes Your Brain said:

Based on the newest findings from Harvard’s recent genetic study on the effects of relaxation, breathing awareness, and positive guided imagery, I feel confident that many of the methods, as taught by Silva International, can stimulate gene expression in the brain that are involved in reducing physical and psychological stress and boosting immune functioning.

~ Mark Waldman The World’s leading experts on spirituality and the brain