The Silva Method foundation course for children and teenagers

Classroom training for Kids 7 to 10 yo  and for Children  11 to 14 yo

Packed with the same reliable Silva techniques as the SLS & SIS and presented in a clear and simple manner.
The seminar allows your child to easily understand how to live an improved life of their own design.

Traditional Silva tools and techniques will help your child understand such concepts as cause and effect, taking responsibility for how they think and behave, and learning to keep what works for them and discard what doesn't.

They will learn the power of positive and resourceful thinking and learn how to develop life-building confidence and a strong self-esteem.

The Youth Lecture Series also emphasizes stress management, the improvement of study skills, setting effective goals, and how to cope with life's daily challenges.

After the course Children are expected to

  • be more self-confident
  • get better results at school
  • able to stop most of his/her pains
  • recover faster from illnesses
  • learn to aim and achieve his/her goals
  • get rid of bad habits
  • make better decisions
  • become calmer and have more energy

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