The Silva Foundation course

   Silva Method Foundation Course [4 days]


The Silva Method Foundation Course (aka Basic Lecture Series - BLS for short) has two 2-day parts:
Part-1 (2 days): Silva MIND-CONTROL, Self-improvement Training (modules #101 and #202)
Part-2 (2 days): The Silva Intuition Training (SIT) (modules #303 and #404)
It is our flagship training program, and the ideal starting point in your journey towards total mind empowerment.
Topics covered include habit control, accelerated learning, intuition, healing and more. The techniques and guided meditations help you make multiple positive changes in your life.

The program is utilising our proprietary Theta Level Mental Programming Technology to develop your intuitive, ESP abilities. You will learn to use more of your mind to sense information, and master the art of Case-working, a practice that allows you to detect and correct abnormalities in the human body.

With these techniques you can make better “gut decisions” in your career and personal life, enhance your learning capacity and gain greater control and understanding of the people and circumstances surrounding you.   

Use this program if… You are a new Silva student searching for a holistic solution to awakening your mind’s full potential, and enriching every aspect of your life-from your career to your health to your relationships.

    Syllabus [Part-1 (2 days): Silva MIND-CONTROL, Self-improvement Training (modules #101 and #202)] includes
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Mental Housecleaning, positive thinking
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Sleep Control
  • Clock Technique
  • Awake Control
  • Dream Control
  • Hand Levitation
  • Headache Control
  • Glove Anaesthesia
  • Glass of Water
  • Mental Screen
  • Memory Pegs
  • Three Fingers
  • Mirror of the Mind
  • Habit Control

    Syllabus [Part-2 (2 days): The Silva Intuition Training (SIT) (modules #303 and #404)] includes
  • Projection to Home, Metals, Plants, Pet, Human Anatomy
  • Laboratory
  • Counsellors
  • Case Working

    Seminar details
  • Format: 2+2 days (typically over two weekends; sometimes 4 consecutive days)
  • Doors open: 8:30am on each day
  • Seminar Hours: 9am to 7pm on each day
  • Chilled Water provided all day
  • Tea/coffee, pastries served each morning
  • Meals: Bring your own
  • Lunch-break: 50 mins

Study pre-requisite: No pre-requisite (however, the Mini Workshop, 3.5 hours introduction could be taken before)

REPEATERS: Silva Graduates (Silva ID-Card holders)

ON COMPLETION of this course you will become a Silva Graduate, receiving the Silva Method Certificate and an International Silva Method ID Card, both issued by Silva International Inc. Laredo, Texas


  • Repeat the 2 modules of the Silva Method Foundation course (either module separately or together) at a resonably low price anywhere in the world, where there are Certified Silva Method courses. (Note, REPEATER course fees vary from country to country, between 10% and 50% of the standard price)
  • Attend Silva Practice Clubs or run your own, where you can practice Silva Techniques and share experience with other Silva Graduates
  • Attend ADVANCED Silva Courses (e.g. Silva+PLUS, Silva ULTRA, Silva Mastery, Silva Mind Body Healing, Silva MANIFESTING)

Recommended reading and supporting material: We recommend to use all of this after you completed the classroom training
  • Jose Silva/Philip Miele: The Silva Method
  • The Silva Method Home Study Course (CD-set)
  • Dr.R.Hanson/Dr.R.Mendius: Buddha's Brain (The latest discoveries of neuroscience - you will understand how and why the Silva method works) more/less