What is the Silva Method?

The Silva Method is a simple, practical, easy to learn toolkit, designed to train you to make better use of your mental processes.
When your thought processes are improved, you act better, and your outlook on life generally gets better.

The Silva Method has two main parts, the Silva Life System (SLS) and the Silva Intuition System (SIS).

From a medical perspective it is applied Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI). 
PNI is taught on Harvard University amongst many other leading universities.

The Silva Method is not a religion.
Everybody can learn it, just like learning to swim.
You do not have to be able to know it or use it, but you are better with it...and sometimes it can be life-saving...
It is so simple and effective, that it is a luxury not to learn and use it.
Eight hundred years ago most people questioned the need, but for a few, to be able to read and write.
In eighty years' time these techniques will be naturally part of our skills...Beat the crowd and start using it now!

The toolset consist of:

  • Dynamic relaxation Advanced visualisation & imagination
  • Positive thinking and meditation, with action
  • Guided exercises, helping you to elevate the creative powers of your mind
  • Practising ESP (Effective Sensory Projection)
  • A series of simple, formula type techniques

Many of the current groups practising mind enhancement had their start with The Silva Method.