More successes with the Silva Techniques

 "I have just completed the 4-day Silva Method course in London.
My particular problem has been fear of speaking in  public. At the start of the course, when everybody made a short introduction of him/herself to the class I could not even tell my name in front all those people.
I have managed to overcome this fear within a week after the Silva course, using my new skills.

See what successes I had straight away:

  1. I have an allotment where I am committee member. We had a meeting last Monday where I managed to speak in front of 8 people on a related matter, without any stress or fear.
  2. Last Wednesday we had a staff meeting of appr 50 teaching staff in my school  (I am a teacher too). I explained, that there was going to be a Silva Method introductory presentation in a few week's time in our school. I was nurveous, but I could speak fluently. Everybody was proud of me and I received a lot of compliments.
  3. I had a lesson observation in my school, the Assistant Headteacher and the Literacy Co-ordinator were present on my lesson. I was a lot less nervous than in previous occasions and did very well, according to the review.

I meditate/relax twice a day, in the morning and in the evening (not in the 1 hour lunchbreak. If you were a teacher in England, you would know why I do not have the time at midday).

This is only the beginning...I have some important goals, that I am programming for, using the Mirror of the Mind. this space...

Thank you for everything, thank you for putting me on the right track!

Better and better"

GC. London 2013 May

Help in everyday life:  Horrid thought, had I locked the front door?!
Too far to go back, I used the Sylvia technique,  5 to 1  instant relaxtion, recalled and relived the moments of leaving the flat - closing the door - and turning the lock!
Confidence in the technique enabled me to carry on with my business for the day.
- and of course I had locked the door!
June Kidd - Advanced Graduate


"To start with I needed to reduce my weight to the target I set myself, which I did by visualising the needle on the scales dropping steadily every week by 2 pounds. When I reached my target weight, I maintained it by the same simple process of “seeing” my weight on the scales and have done so ever since."
Frewin – London


Many thanks for the positive contribution your portfolio of Silva programmes has made to our organizational development process. The consistent positive feedback from staff at all levels has highlighted the effectiveness of the approach and the usefulness of the tools provided. I believe the self-awareness process contributed to the changing attitudes of individuals, which contributed to our recent success in gaining the Investors in People (IIP) accreditation."
Hugh C. Brawley Greater Glasgow NHS Trust.


"Thought that you would be interested to hear that the Silva Method has done it again! After using the three fingers technique and the glass of water technique I FINALLY passed my driving test fifth time lucky. Better, better and better"
Jacqueline Young.


"Really value the things I learned on the course and feel that I am at the beginning of discovering something that really is going to ultimately make a massive difference in my life. For that I am grateful."


"I've always been a creative person, in that I love coming up with ideas in the many different areas life takes me (particularly linked to music and drama), and then following them through with an end result. Not everyone naturally taps into their creativity and instead creates unnecessary barriers. The Silva Method not only eradicates these hinderers of creativity but enhances end results and makes you far more relaxed in the process. A very important factor, which may seem ironic, is that one is far more successful at achieving more in a smaller amount of time by actually relaxing and slowing down the mind. It is these benefits which have aided me and which are always improvable no matter how cool, calm and collected you believe yourself to be. The logical brain is very limiting and Silva Method techniques take me onto another plane which enables me to know that anything is possible. Only then can one create to their full potential."
Lucinda Mason Brown
PA to Head of BBC Radio Drama


"I used the Sleep Control programming for the first time in March 2003.That night I slept right through the night for the first time in 2 years following intensive treatment for cancer. I know that the Silva Method works. I've tried it!"
Jan Herd. BA, SRN.RMN.RHV.Pg Dip.


"I simply feel happier and happier everyday! Being a physicist, I am naturally sceptical. Yet, I have to admit that The Silva Method has helped me turn my life around. The mental techniques that I was taught allowed me to transform what was a failing Ph.D. into a highly successful one. More importantly, the Silva Method has given me a way to successfully develop my physical, mental and spiritual abilities. I am now contemplating a bright future where I can visualise my way out of any problem with neither stress nor pain. In fact, thanks to The Silva Method, I simply feel happier and happier everyday!"
Dr. Childerick Severac Maitre es Sciences, M.Phil.Eng., Ph.D.
Superconductiviy Research Group
University of Birmingham U.K.


"...enabled me to make deep and powerful changes" Silva Method has enabled me to make deep and powerful changes to the way I think, feel and do things. It has subtly altered my perception and interaction with everyone in my life. I seem to take in more information at different levels and act appropriately in personal and professional situations. The effect is a wonderful buzzing sense of BEING in the HERE and NOW as well as being excited about the VISION of the FUTURE"
Dr. Birinder Kaur Thandi


"I personally am extremely grateful I “found” Silva in 1994. My own life has changed considerably. Self-confidence, the ability to teach others the “sleep control” method and relaxation techniques in the workplace have certainly helped to reduce stress levels here I am certain. I believe Silva teaches us self-awareness and empowers us to help ourselves and be more peaceful in this hectic world we live in."
Rosemary MacAllister RFN.,RGN., Dip Occupational Health. BTTA.
Scottish Holistic Health Association and British Energy