Silva UK #2 NEWSLETTER in 2014

#2 NEWSLETTER - 2014 November 23

Our richest year ever is coming up next year.


Children courses
Laura Silva and Ken Coscia are presenting courses
3 new advanced courses (Silva Mind Body Healing, Silva Manifesting, Silva Mastery)
New Silva Clubs (Teddington, Birmingham)
Silva Courses in new locations (Bournemouth, Leeds)

Hope to see many of you on our events.

Advanced courses in 2015:

  • Silva MIND BODY HEALING Seminar (2 days, in March)
    Presented by Laura Silva
    This course is open for anybody, not just for Silva Graduates
  • Silva MANIFESTING Seminar (2 days, for Silva Grads, in June)
    Presented by Karin Barnes
  • Silva MASTERY Seminar (2 days, for Silva Grads, in Oct/Nov)
    Presented by Ken Coscia
  • Silva+PLUS Advanced Intuition Training (1 day, for Silva Grads, in December)
    Presented by Gabriel

Reserve your place with a deposit now.
Early-bird tickets available until 2 months before the courses start.
Special price for Family members, partners, best-friends
Option for payments by instalments

CHILDREN courses in 2015:

  • We will have two courses for 10-14 year old children
    in London (February, August) - Presented by Andrea Domjan
  • Parent's ticket (Can be used as discount voucher for Adult course, T&Cs apply)
  • Affiliate scheme

Early-bird tickets until 7th January
Special price for Siblings
Additional concession for families on benefit
Option for payments by instalments

Foundation courses in 2015:

  • Silva course first time in Bournemouth, in May
  • Silva course first time in Leeds, in October
  • London courses will be in the Thistle Marble Arch hotel (2+2 days, over 2 weekends)
  • Peterborough courses, (4 consecutive days)
  • Course prices are changing, new ticket types are introduced:

      Repeaters (Silva Graduates) - Seat-price at cost, no tuition fee
    • Free if you bring a new student
    • £25 Any one day to repeat
    • £60 Family-members, Partners, Best-friends, each (all 4 days)
    • £75 Full standard repeater price for one repeater (all 4 days)
    • Commission (from 10%) for Affiliates (selected courses)
    • %share of net revenue for Organisers

      Attendees NEW to the SILVA METHOD
    • Special discount for Family, Partners and Best-friends attending together
    • Concession for Students, state-pensioners and people on benefit
    • Early-bird tickets

Reserve your place with a deposit now.
Option for payments by instalments
Additional concession for students and pensioners

Silva Introductory Mini Workshops (3.5hours) in 2015: for those who have not done the course yet and would like to know more about the benefits and the background of the Silva Method

Silva Graduates can help their friends to let them know about these important workshops.
  • Full 2015 calendar available now
  • The London Intro Mini Workshops will be in the Thistle Marble Arch hotel on selected Sunday afternoons
  • Intro Mini Workshop in Bournemouth, in February
  • Intro Mini Workshop in Leeds, in May
  • Silva Graduates are also welcome (free) if they bring a friend

Silva Graduate Practice Clubs in 2015: every month in London, Peterborough and Bournemouth

  • New Club in Teddington (Middlesex) - every fortnight (for English and Hungarian speakers)
  • New Club in Birmingham/Edgbaston - once a month (for English and Hungarian speakers)
  • Peterborough club continues as this year, once a month
  • Bournemouth club will resume in 2015, after refurbishment
  • London English Language club continues as this year, once a month
  • London Hungarian Language club continues as this year, once a month
  • Laughter Clinic class (Laughter Yoga) - 30 minutes before the London club events
  • You can start your own club - get in touch if you are interested

We also have courses and events for Hungarian speakers

2015 Affiliate scheme - earn £££s promoting the Silva Courses: 

Our standard, public affiliate scheme pays 10% commission on your sales of course tickets. Bespoke rates of commission is also possible, subject to agreement (get in touch if you are interested, mail to

To join the standard, public AFFILIATE SCHEME (10% commission) is simple:
  • On the ‘Course Calendar, Events webpage: Each course which has the Affiliate Scheme enabled has a button: Click and join the scheme.
  • Each course has its own affiliate scheme to join
  • When you join an event-specific affiliate program, you will receive a unique URL (link) which you must use to refer attendees to that event.
  • Use it on your Facebook page, website, send the link by email etc. (See more on Eventbrite-Help)
  • Eventbrite gives you the tools you need to send, receive and track traffic, as well as keep track of commissions.
  • Affiliates may apply for being listed on our website (T&Cs apply):

We are looking for regional EVENT ORGANISERS of Silva Courses in 2015: 

  • If you would like to become a regional or national organiser, contact us to discuss the details (get in touch if you are interested, mail to
  • Organisers would undertake to market a specific event in their region and provide personal, on-site support for the instructor during the course days.
  • Organisers will have to undertake logistical and marketing briefing prior to signing an Organiser contract with Mindfinity Ltd (The Silva Method in Great Britain).
  • Organisers will receive a share of the net revenue of the event, as defined by their contract.

Organisers may have their profile shown on our website (T&Cs apply):



    If your company, business is welcoming Silva Graduates, either as preferred EMPLOYEES or CUSTOMERS
    Then you may apply to be listed on our website (T&Cs apply):


HELP PEOPLE to help themselves:

The most effective way to help other people is to help them learn the method.
Help them find the courses, recommend our seminars, share our events with them on the internet, regularly.

Bring them to an Intro Mini Workshop, bring them to a Silva Club, show them our website:

See and share our events on Facebook:

to see other TIPS of sharing information about the Silva Method


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